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Boys Basketball

2016-2017 Varsity Boys Basketball

Head Coach: Doug Nofziger

Assistant Coach: Dawson Nofziger


Sean Gilmer
Jacob Cepeda
Drew Halverson
Derek Halverson (Captain)
Gabe Biggart
Sam Grandle (Captain)
Mark Grandle
Brandon Orick
David Girrens
Chris Lambert
Levi Satrum


Overall Record: 12-14

League Record: 8-6

   Basketball Jamboree
12/2/16 7:30 PM
HOME vs. Hosanna Christian
   Cougar Classic
L 36-61
12/3/16 3:30 PM
HOME vs. Nixyaawii
   Cougar Classic
L 50-55
12/5/16 6:00 PM
HOME vs. Australian National Team
12/13/16 7:30 PM
AWAY @ Horizon Christian (Hood River)
L 50-64
12/19/16 4:00 PM
AWAY @ Open Door Christian Acad.
W 53-34
12/22/16 7:00 PM
AWAY @ Lowell
L 63-66
12/28/16 4:30 PM
HOME vs. Arlington
L 36-43
12/30/16 6:00 PM
HOME vs. Willamette Valley Christian
L 37-58
1/3/17 7:30 PM
AWAY @ Damascus Christian
L 49-56
1/6/17 7:30 PM
HOME vs. Southwest Christian
W 60-52
1/9/17 7:30 PM
AWAY @ Valor Christian
L 42-44
1/14/17 3:00 PM
AWAY @ North Clackamas Christian
W 46-43
1/16/17 5:00 PM
AWAY @ North Douglas
L 51-71
1/20/17 7:30 PM
HOME vs. Valor Christian
W 36-30
1/23/17 6:45 PM
AWAY @ Portland Waldorf
L 42-57
1/24/17 7:30 PM
HOME vs. Open Door Christian Acad.
W 61-58
1/27/17 7:30 PM
HOME vs. Damascus Christian
L 40-61
1/28/17 5:00 PM
HOME vs. St. Stephens Acad.
W 62-39
1/31/17 7:30 PM
AWAY @ Southwest Christian
L 31-47
2/2/17 7:30 PM
HOME vs. C.S. Lewis Acad.
W 76-51
2/3/17 7:30 PM
HOME vs. Portland Waldorf
W 60-51
2/7/17 7:30 PM
HOME vs. North Clackamas Christian
L 33-51
2/10/17 7:30 PM
AWAY vs. St. Stephens Acad.
W 59-17
2/11/17 2:00 PM
HOME vs. Regis (JV)
W 62-51
2/15/17 4:30 PM
AWAY vs. Open Door Christian
   Valley 10 District Tournament @ Multnomah University
W 51-43
2/16/17 4:30 PM
AWAY vs. Southwest Christian
   Valley 10 District Tournament @ Multnomah University
W 64-54
2/21/17 6:00 PM
AWAY @ Dufur
   1st Round 1A State Playoffs
L 38-61

Coaches Season Summary

   The Country Christian varsity boys basketball team battled through a competitive season, finishing the 2016-17 season with an overall record of 12-14 and 4th in league. Among the Cougars’ twelve wins the victory over Southwest Christian at the Valley-10 District Tournament lead the team to the 1st round of state playoffs.

   From the beginning of our season there were a lot of question marks, with five freshman joining our team and a sophomore that hasn't played any organized basketball. With that said it took us awhile to find our chemistry and groove. As the season rolled along, and we hit February we finally got on a four game win streak which ignited a spark in the entire team. This group of young men grew in so many ways, and it has to be one of my favorite seasons of watching a team improve from start to finish! 

- Coach Nofziger

Junior High Boys Basketball 2017

Coach: Jonathan Syphard & Maggie Long

Team: Dylan Hadden, Judah Syphard, Brayden Duckworth, 

Cooper Halverson, Caleb Alexander, Howie Long, Christian Griffith, Zeke Ewing

5th & 6th Grade Coed Basketball 2016

Coaches: Nate Wallbaum, Maggie Long, and Kenny Behrendt

Team: Karan Brar, Ella Duckworth, 

Evan Behrendt, Tim Ewing, Jordan Niang, Elijah Wallbaum, Noah Wallbaum, 

Gavin Long, Andrew Nelson, 

Raegan Grant

3rd & 4th Grade Coed Basketball 2017

Coach: Micah St. Clair

Team: Corbin Boren, Hayden Hernandez, Blake Halverson, Noah St. Clair, 

Michael Colvin, Emily Hadden, 

Chase Syphard

2nd Grade Coed Basketball 2016

Coach: Matt Haring and Caleb Ewing

Team: Olivia Weisbarth, Jacob Jenson, Anthony Jones, Savannah Wallbaum, Karsyn Close, Brooklyn Syphard, 

Brooklyn Syphard, Luke Ewing

1st Grade Coed Basketball 2016

Coach: Rebecka Greer and 

Tiffanie Duckworth

Team: Mikal Knight, Malachi Syphard, Lukas Duckworth, Christopher Ewing, Elijah Coates, Zeehan Phillips, 

Aiden Reafsnyder, Drake Jenson

Kindergarten Coed Basketball 2016

Coach: Jeremy Johnson and

 Jocelyn Wallbaum

Team: Luke Begley, Brian Mills, 

Elijah Hernandez, Avrie Petsu, 

Quinn Isaak, Vivan Jenson, 

Selah Wallbaum

2016-2017 New Season

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Practice & Game Schedules

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State Finishes

2016-2017 State Championships Round 1

(Lost to Dufur 38-61)

2014-2015 1A State Champions

(Won vs. Nixyaawii 61-53)

   First Team:

      Ben Grandle, 12th Grade

      Jordan Syphard, 12th Grade

   Second Team:

      Avery Nofziger, 12th Grade

2013-2014 State Championships Round 2 (Lost to T-Lake 63-59) 

2012-2013 State Championships Top Eight (Lost to Imbler 66-39)

2011-2012 State Championships 5th Place (Lost to Sherman 68-66)

   Second Team:

      Dawson Nofziger, 12th Grade

2010-2011 State Championships Round 2 (Lost to Siletz Valley 82-75)

2009-2010 State Championships Round 2 (Lost to Mohawk 57-45)

2008-2009 State Championships Round 1 (Lost to New Hope Christian 60-53)

2007-2008 State Championships Top Eight (Lost to Columbia Christian 66-48)

   Second Team:

      Isaac McKinley, 12th Grade

2006-2007 State Championships Round 1 (Lost to Wallowa 57-56)

2005-2006 State Championships Round 1 (Lost to Umpqua Valley Christian 58-53)

2004-2005 State Championships Round 1 (Lost to Lone 78-61)

League Finishes

2016-2017 The Valley 10, 4th Place

   1st Team:

      Derek Halverson

   1st Team Defensive:

      Derek Halverson

   Honorable Mention:

      Sam Grandle

      Drew Halverson

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