Country Christian School

Equipping Students to Blend Christian Character with Academic Excellence

Junior High & High School Teachers

Axmaker, Cheri
English 11, Honors English 11
Axmaker, Tom
Understanding the Times
Bradberry, Victoria
Junior High Science, Pre-Algebra, English 7, Health
Harvey, Sheryl
English 12, Honors English 12, English 8, JH P.E.
Hernandez, Kelly
Personal Finance, Cooking
Lewandowski, Kurt
College Algebra (Math 111), Pre Calculus (Math 112), Statistic (Math 243), Calculus 1 (Math 251)
McClaugherty, Cathy
Algebra 2, Biology, Chemistry
Peterson, Aaryn
English 10, Honors English 10, World History, JH Art, Art History, College Prep
Phillips, Justin
Junior High Math, Junior High P.E., Junior High History, Forensic Science, Junior High Computers
Syphard, Carolyn
Christian Foundations
Syphard, Garylee
Moral Ethics
Taylor, Todd
Junior High Bible
Warrington, Laura
English 9, Honors English 9, Cultural Geography, Publications, Geometry, Algebra 1, HS Art
Wegner, Nina
U.S. History, Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Physical Science