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Girls Basketball

2017-2018 Varsity Girls Basketball

Head Coach: Russell Halverson

Assistant Coach: Lisa Egger


Madison Halverson
Mollie Lewandowski (Captain)
Anna Farner (Captain)
Sarah Phillips
Kendall Halverson
Sierra Ross (Captain)
Jera Warrington
Debby Grandle (Captain)
Meghan McGrath (Captain)
Allison Burruel
Isabella Huffstetler
Katie Sandberg


Overall Record: 22-4

League Record: 12-0

11/29/17 4:00 PM
HOME Basketball Jamboree
11/30/17 6:00 PM
AWAY @ Powder Valley
L 43-64
12/2/17 1:30 PM
AWAY vs. Jordan Valley (@ Baker City High School)
W 50-36
12/5/17 7:30 PM
HOME vs. Valley Catholic
L 53-58
12/8/17 6:00 PM
HOME vs. Hosanna Christian (Cougar Classic)
W 43-38
12/9/17 3:00 PM
HOME vs. Days Creek (Cougar Classic)
W 53-33
12/12/17 6:00 PM
AWAY vs. Faith Bible (@ Life Christian)
W 39-31
12/14/17 6:00 PM
AWAY @ Damascus Christian
W 46-25
12/19/17 6:00 PM
AWAY @ Perrydale
W 44-22
12/21/17 4:00 PM
AWAY @ South Wasco County
W 55-35
12/29/17 6:00 PM
HOME vs. Joseph
1/4/18 6:00 PM
HOME vs. Grand View Christian Acad.
W 44-13
1/5/18 6:00 PM
AWAY @ Southwest Christian
W 62-36
1/8/18 6:00 PM
HOME vs. St. Paul
1/9/18 6:00 PM
AWAY @ St. Stephens Acad.
W 54-29
1/12/18 6:00 PM
AWAY @ North Clackamas Christian
W 52-26
1/16/18 6:00 PM
AWAY @ Portland Waldorf
W 73-26
1/19/18 6:00 PM
HOME vs. Damascus Christian
W 42-32
1/24/18 6:00 PM
AWAY @ Kennedy
L 40-52
1/27/18 4:30 PM
HOME vs. McKenzie
W 51-32
1/30/18 6:00 PM
HOME vs. Southwest Christian
W 58-27
2/2/18 6:00 PM
HOME vs. St. Stephens Acad.
W 54-14
2/5/18 6:00 PM
AWAY @ Grand View Christian Acad.
W 72-20
2/6/18 6:00 PM
HOME vs. North Clackamas Christian
W 65-23
2/9/18 6:00 PM
HOME vs. Portland Waldorf
W 69-19
2/17/18 4:00 PM
HOME vs. Damascus Christian @ Multnomah University)
   (Valley 10 District Tournament)
W 32-18
2/23/18 7:00 PM
HOME vs. Lowell
   (1A State Playoffs, Round 2)

Coaches Season Summary

   Country Christian girls’ basketball has been on quit a run, going to the top eight-site six out of the last nine years, finishing 2nd in state in 2014-15 and then winning the title last year in 2015-16. Coming into 2016-17 I wasn’t sure what to expect, we graduated an incredible group of five senior guards, three of which went on to play sports in college.

   As a coach coming into this season there were lots of unanswered questions: how we were going to replace those guards, with no seniors where was our leadership going to come from, what is our depth going to be and what positions will each player play…. With a really REALLY tough schedule early on and a decent amount of losses, it was hard to tell exactly how good this team was, but what was evident was they were all very coachable and had a strong will and desire to win/be successful. I will say we had some bumps along the way figuring out each person’s roll, teaching our leaders how to lead and blending a big, strong & competitive sophomore group with an athletic, skilled & experienced junior group. That being said I couldn’t be more proud of how it all came together. As a coach I can say that this year was one of the most satisfying groups I’ve ever coached. They battled and we coached every second of every game until the final buzzer and these girls found a way to battle through fatigue, injuries, inconsistency and all sorts of other obstacles and still managed to find themselves in the title game again for the third year in a row. I felt like this team forged their own identity…….no longer being a part of those graduated kids story, but being their own story. I’m beyond proud of this group and their accomplishment…...and Lord willing, everyone is back again next year!!!

-Coach Russell Halverson

Junior Varsity Girls Basketball 2017-2018

Coach: Lisa Egger


3     Madison Halverson

5     Abby Weyer

10   Lizzy Shelton

15   Harmony Wassom

22   Jera Warrington

24   Josie Lapp

25   Allison Burruel

30   Bella Huffstetler

Junior High Girls Basketball 2018

Coach: Janin McGrath, and 

Tim Grandle

TeamElla Duckworth, Audra McGrath, McKenzie Syphard, 

Lizzy Grandle, Emma Parmelee, Lilly Begley

5th & 6th Grade Coed Basketball 2017

Coach: Doug Schneider

Team: Chase Syphard, Ella Duckworth, Samuel Sagastume, Noah Wallbaum, Joshua Michaels, Blake Halverson, Danyon Schneider

3rd & 4th Grade Girls Basketball 2018

Coach: Nate Wallbaum and Dane Phillips

Team: Olivia Weisbarth, Emilie Deardorff, Brooklyn Syphard, 

Lily Sagastume, Savannah Wallbaum, Ashlynn Cisco, Grace Phillips

1st & 2nd Grade Blue Coed Basketball 2017

Coach: Charles & Linda Kopp

Team: Brian Mills, Jachin Rivard, Selah Wallbaum, Zachary Bovey, Malachi Syphard, Elijah Coates, Emalee Palmer, Lukas Duckworth

1st & 2nd Grade Gold Coed Basketball 2017

Coach: Dane Phillips

Team: Hayden Conditt, Peter Freitas, Vivian Jenson, Elijah Hernandez, ChristopherEwing, Zephan Phillips, Aiden Reafsnyder, Avery Petsu

Kindergarten Coed Basketball 2017

Coach: Sara Bovey

Team: Alexander Bovey, Addison Deardorff, Lakai Palmer, Mary Kendig, Rylee Ash, Shiloh Bradbury, Luke Begley

2017-2018 New Season

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State Finishes

2016-2017 1A 2nd Place State Champions
(Lost to Nixyaawii 39-68)
   First Team:
      Mollie Lewnadowski, 11th Grade
      Anna Farner, 11th Grade
All State Teams:
Mollie Lewandowski, 1st Team
Anna Farner, 2nd Team
Meghan McGrath, Honorable Mention

2015-2016 1A 1st Place State Champions (Won vs. North Douglas 54-37)
   First Team:
      Kennedy Nofziger, 12th Grade
      Mollie Lewandowski, 10th Grade
   Second Team:
      Jessica Parker, 12th Grade

2014-2015 1A 2nd Place State Champions (Lost to Damascus 46-51)
   Second Team:
      Audrey Barden, 12th Grade
      Kennedy Nofziger, 11th Grade

2013-2014 State Championships Top Eight (Lost to Prairie City 46-47)

State Championships Round 1 (Lost to City Christian 43-36)

2011-2012 State Championships Round 1 (Lost to Triangle Lake 56-47)

2009-2010 State Championships 6th Place (Lost to McKenzie 55-45)
   First Team:
      Heather Cunningham, 12th

2008-2009 State Championships 5th Place (Lost to Southwest Christian 44-37)
   Second Team:
      Heather Cunningham, 11th

2007-2008 State Championships Round 1 (Lost to Dufur 52-36)

League Finishes

2017-2018 The Valley 10 League Champions

   Player of the Year: Mollie Lewandowski

   1st Team:

      Mollie Lewandowski, 12th

      Debby Grandle, 12th

      Sarah Grandle, 11th

   Defensive Player of the Year: Katie Sandberg

   1st Team Defense:

      Katie Sandberg, 11th

      Sierra Ross, 12th

   2nd Team:

      Meghan McGrath

   Honorable Mention:

      Katie Sandberg

2016-2017 The Valley 10 League Champions

2015-2016 Casco League Champions

2014-2015 Casco League Champions 

2013-2014 Casco League Champions

2009-2010 Casco League Champions

2008-2009 Casco League Champions