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Girls Basketball

2016-2017 Varsity Girls Basketball

Head Coach: Russell Halverson

Assistant Coach: Lisa Egger

Assistant Coach: Ashley Ellis


Hannah Fincher
Mollie Lewandowski (Captain)
Anna Farner (Captain)
Sarah Phillips
Jasmine Griffith
Kendall Halverson
Sierra Ross
Jera Warrington
Debby Grandle
Meghan McGrath (Captain)
Emily Casterline
Katie Sandberg


Overall Record: 18-7

League Record: 9-1

   Basketball Jamboree
12/2/16 6:00 PM
HOME vs. Hosanna Christian
   Cougar Classic
W 52-46
12/3/16 2:00 PM
HOME vs. Nixyaawii
   Cougar Classic
L 51-54
12/10/16 7:30 PM
AWAY @ Portland Adventist Acad.
L 41-49
12/13/16 6:00 PM
AWAY @ Horizon Christian (Hood River)
L 75-40
12/19/16 5:30 PM
AWAY @ Crosshill Christian
W 46-28
12/20/16 6:00 PM
AWAY @ Valley Catholic
L 44-55
12/22/16 5:30 PM
AWAY @ Lowell
W 55-42
12/28/16 3:00 PM
HOME vs. Arlington
W 64-30
12/30/16 4:30 PM
HOME vs. Willamette Valley Christian
W 57-35
1/3/17 6:00 PM
AWAY @ Damascus Christian
L 37-38
1/6/17 6:00 PM
HOME vs. Southwest Christian
W 70-29
1/10/17 6:00 PM
AWAY @ Portland Waldorf
W 69-21
1/14/17 1:30 PM
AWAY @ North Clackamas Christian
W 62-41
1/16/17 3:30 PM
AWAY @ North Douglas
L 47-49
1/19/17 7:00 PM
HOME vs. Monroe
L 36-43
1/24/17 6:00 PM
HOME vs. City Christian
W 51-24
1/27/17 6:00 PM
HOME vs. Damascus Christian
W 48-31
1/28/17 3:30 PM
HOME vs. St. Stephens Acad.
W 59-25
1/31/17 6:00 PM
AWAY @ Southwest Christian
W 69-19
2/2/17 6:00 PM
HOME vs. Portland Christian
W 64-39
2/3/17 6:00 PM
HOME vs. Portland Waldorf
W 78-15
2/7/17 6:00 PM
HOME vs. North Clackamas Christian
W 57-35
2/10/17 6:00 PM
AWAY vs. St. Stephens Acad.
W 63-18
2/11/17 12:30 PM
HOME vs. Regis
W 53-48
2/16/17 6:00 PM
AWAY vs. Damascus
   Valley 10 District Tournament @ Multnomah University
L 49-53
2/22/17 TBA
   1st Round 1A State Playoffs

Coaches Season Summary

Coming into the 2015-2016 basketball season there was definitely a buzz and excitement surrounding this girls' basketball team. They had a very successful summer league and were flying high after winning a second consecutive volleyball state title. This team was unique because not only did they know they had the pieces to make a run for a basketball state title, they expected to win it. For me the feeling was weird but very satisfying. I've never coached a team that there was such high expectations around and I loved it. This team needed up not only winning the state title but doing it in going away fashion, beating every 1A opponent by double digits even in the state tournament. It felt like to Lord's hand of favor was on this group and they, the girls knew it. This team relied heavily on strong senior leadership and experience mixed with a powerful sophomore class who's done nothing but win since they came into high school. It is going to be hard to say good bye to this group of seniors who were not only elite players for our team, but they meant so much to our school and to us. That being said I believe they've helped instill a winning tradition and expectation around Country Christian basketball that will carry on going forward. That combined with lots of quality players in our youth programs ultimately means our teams will keep on winning, which is a lot of fun and a testament to our school.

-Coach Russell Halverson

Junior Varsity Girls Basketball 2016-2017

Coach: Lisa Egger

Asst. Coach: Ashley Axmaker


2 Hannah Fincher

5 Abby Weyer

12 Sarah Phillips

14 Maddy Behrendt

20 Kendall Halverson

21 Sierra Ross

22 Jera Warrington

30 Emily Casterline

34 Katie Sandberg

Junior High Girls Basketball 2017

Coach: Ashley Axmaker

Team: Anna Parker, Natalia Chianello, Lilly Begley, Emma Parmelee, Audra McGrath, McKenzie Syphard, Lizzie Grandle, Isabella Huffstetler, Jackie Parker, Madison Halverson, Allison Burruel, Julia Cloud

3rd & 4th Grade Coed Basketball 2017

Coach: Micah St. Clair

Team: Corbin Boren, Hayden Hernandez, Blake Halverson, 

Noah St. Clair, Michael Colvin, Emily Hadden, Chase Syphard

2nd Grade Coed Basketball 2016

Coach: Matt Haring and Caleb Ewing

Team: Olivia Weisbarth, Jacob Jenson, Anthony Jones, 

Savannah Wallbaum, Karsyn Close, Brooklyn Syphard, 

Brooklyn Syphard, Luke Ewing

1st Grade Coed Basketball 2016

Coach: Rebecka Greer and Tiffanie Duckworth

Team: Mikal Knight, Malachi Syphard, Lukas Duckworth, 

Christopher Ewing, Elijah Coates, Zephan Phillips, Aiden Reafsnyder, Drake Jenson

Kindergarten Coed Basketball 2016

Coach: Jeremy Johnson and Jocelyn Wallbaum

Team: Luke Begley, Brian Mills, Elijah Hernandez, Avrie Petsu, 

Quinn Isaak, Vivan Jenson, Selah Wallbaum

2016-2017 New Season

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State Finishes

2015-2016 1A 1st Place State Champions (Won vs. North Douglas 54-37)
   First Team:
      Kennedy Nofziger, 12th Grade
      Mollie Lewandowski, 10th Grade
   Second Team:
      Jessica Parker, 12th Grade

2014-2015 1A 2nd Place State Champions (Lost to Damascus 46-51)
   Second Team:
      Audrey Barden, 12th Grade
      Kennedy Nofziger, 11th Grade

2013-2014 State Championships Top Eight (Lost to Prairie City 46-47)

State Championships Round 1 (Lost to City Christian 43-36)

2011-2012 State Championships Round 1 (Lost to Triangle Lake 56-47)

2009-2010 State Championships 6th Place (Lost to McKenzie 55-45)
   First Team:
      Heather Cunningham, 12th

2008-2009 State Championships 5th Place (Lost to Southwest Christian 44-37)
   Second Team:
      Heather Cunningham, 11th

2007-2008 State Championships Round 1 (Lost to Dufur 52-36)

League Finishes

2016-2017 The Valley 10 Champions

   Player or the Year: Mollie Lewandowski

   1st Team:

      Mollie Lewandowski, 11th

      Meghan McGrath, 11th

      Anna Farner, 11th

   Defensive Player of the Year: Anna Farner

   1st Team Defense:

      Anna Farner, 11th

      Jasmine Griffith, 11th

   Honorable Mention:

      Sarah Phillips, 10th

      Debby Grandle, 11th

2015-2016 Casco League Champions

2014-2015 Casco League Champions 

2013-2014 Casco League Champions

2009-2010 Casco League Champions

2008-2009 Casco League Champions