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2017 Varsity Volleyball

Head Coach: Janin McGrath

Assistant Coach: Tricia Halverson

Assistant Coach: Cara Grandle

Manager: Mark Grandle


Sophia Griffith
Debby Grandle (Captain)
Meghan McGrath (Captain)
Maddy Weyer
Sierra Ross
Anna Farner (Captain)
Jasmine Griffith
Luisa Amaya  
Kristin Kendall
Mollie Lewandowski (Captain)
Katie Sandberg
Jera Warrington
Kendall Halverson
Sarah Phillips


Overall Record: 30-5

League Record: 12-0

8/25/17 8:00 AM
HOME vs. Ione (1A Season Preview @ CCS)
W 2-0
8/25/17 10:00 AM
HOME vs. Perrydale (1A Season Preview @ CCS)
W 2-0
8/25/17 1:00 PM
HOME vs. Trinity Lutheran (1A Season Preview @ CCS)
W 2-0
8/25/17 4:00 PM
HOME vs. Crosshill Christian (1A Season Preview @ CCS)
W 2-0
8/25/17 7:00 PM
HOME vs. North Douglas (1A Season Preview @ CCS)
W 2-0
8/26/17 9:00 AM
HOME vs. Willamette Valley Christian 
(1A Season Preview @ CCS)
W 2-0
8/26/17 11:00 AM
HOME vs. Powder Valley (1A Season Preview @ CCS)
W 2-0
8/26/17 2:00 PM
HOME vs. Joseph (1A Season Preview @ CCS)
W 2-0
8/26/17 5:00 PM
HOME vs. Hosanna Christian (1A Season Preview @ CCS)
W 2-0
8/29/17 5:30 PM
AWAY @ Kennedy
L 0-3
9/7/17 6:30 PM
AWAY @ Reedsport
W 3-0
9/9/17 1:30 PM
HOME vs. Colton (Cougar Classic @ CCS)
W 2-0
9/9/17 4:00 PM
HOME vs. Culver (Cougar Classic @ CCS)
L 0-2
9/12/17 4:30 PM
HOME vs. Valor Christian
W 3-0
9/12/17 7:30 PM
HOME vs. Damascus Christian
W 3-1
9/14/17 6:30 PM
AWAY @ Southwest Christian
W 3-0
9/19/17 6:00 PM
HOME vs. Open Door Christian Acad.
W 3-0
9/21/17 6:30 PM
HOME vs. North Clackamas Christian
W 3-0
9/26/17 6:00 PM
AWAY @ Portland Waldorf
W 3-0
9/30/17 9:30 AM
AWAY vs. St. Margarets Episcopal (CA) 10-8
   (Nike Tournament of Champions, Phoenix, AZ)
L 0-2
9/30/17 11:30 AM
AWAY vs. Maranatha (CA) 3-9
   (Nike Tournament of Champions, Phoenix, AZ)
W 2-1
9/30/17 1:30 PM
AWAY vs. Enumclaw (WA) 2-6
   (Nike Tournament of Champions, Phoenix, AZ)
L 0-2
9/30/17 3:30 PM
AWAY vs. Acalanes (CA) 6-7
   (Nike Tournament of Champions, Phoenix, AZ)
W 0-2
10/6/17 7:30 PM
AWAY @ Damascus Christian
W 3-0
10/10/17 6:00 PM
AWAY @ North Clackamas Christian
W 3-0
10/13/17 6:00 PM
AWAY @ Open Door Christian Acad.
W 3-0
10/16/17 6:00 PM
HOME vs. Southwest Christian
W 3-0
10/17/17 4:30 PM
HOME vs. Perrydale
W 3-2
10/17/17 6:00 PM
HOME vs. Portland Waldorf
W 3-0
10/19/17 4:30 PM
AWAY @ Valor Christian
W Forfeit
10/21/16 5:30 PM
HOME vs. North Clackamas Christian
   Valley 10 District Tournament @ CCS
W 3-0
10/28/17 5:00 PM
HOME vs. Echo
   Volleyball 2nd Round State Playoffs
W 3-0
11/3/17 3:15 PM
HOME vs. Southwasco County (Court 2)
   Quarterfinals State Playoffs @ Redmond High School
W 3-1
11/3/17 8:30 PM
HOME vs. Crosshill Christian (Court 2)
   Semifinals State Playoffs @ Redmond High School
W 3-0
11/4/17 6:00 PM
HOME vs. Hosanna Christian
   Finals State Playoffs @ Redmond High School
W 3-0

Country Christian makes history with fourth state title in a row.

  Being able to call herself a four-time volleyball state champion was something Country Christian senior Meghan McGrath never thought would be possible when she was a freshman. But in sports, anything is possible.

  The Cougars have made history as they defended their Class 1A volleyball state title for the third time over the weekend, winning their fourth championship in a row and securing their legacy as a volleyball dynasty. "We went through our four years of high school winning on Saturday night (the night of the title game) every time," McGrath said. "I feel so blessed to have been on this journey with my teammates and coaches."

  Senior Jasmine Griffith echoed that sentiment, saying her feelings in the moment were surreal as she set the ball for fellow senior Mollie Lewandowski, who leaped into the air and sent in the championship point. "Those last couple points were so surreal, and as soon as I watched Mollie swing at that last set, I know that point 25 was ours," Griffith said. "The feeling is unreal; it's such an honor to be a four-time state champion every year in high school, and it means even more to play a huge role in each of those games." "I love and cherish each and every single one of these girls and I'm so thankful to have accomplished so much alongside each and every one of them," Griffith said.

  McGrath said she was overwhelmed by emotions once that final point fell, and she and the rest of the team dropped to their knees as they embraced each other. "At that point, I covered my face and let the tears flow," McGrath said. "I was completely overwhelmed by emotions as we all dropped to our knees and celebrated together."

Quarterfinals (South Wasco High School)

  No. 7 South Wasco proved to be perhaps the most challenging of the Cougars' three game during the state tournament at Ridgeview High School in Redmond, as it was the only one that they didn't win in straight sets. Country Christian was pushed in the second set as they fell 32-30. "South Wasco was a really scrappy team, and they made us work really hard for our points," McGrath said. "We won set one by quite a bit (25-11), and I think we relaxed a little. By the time we stepped our game up it was too late to get set two."

  South Wasco was able to continue that momentum from the previous set and go up on the Cougars 11-6 in the third, but Country Christian wasn't going to let that last and began to mount their comeback, eventually winning the set 25-21. "It felt good to get the win, but we knew we needed to play better against Crosshill," McGrath said.

Semifinals (Crosshill Christian High School)
  Griffith said they prepared for the Crosshill game by watching game film, and coming into the game, they felt ready. "After the South Wasco game, we started to prepare for Crosshill and watched some game film, and walking into the game we felt prepared and like we knew what we were up against," she said.

  The Cougars certainly showed they were ready as they dominated no. 3 Crosshill in straight sets, winning 25-13, 25-20, 25-13 and moving on to the championship match with their confidence levels high. "We played really well against Crosshill," McGrath said. We came in confident; after winning set one, we didn't want to have a repeat of a set two letdown from earlier in the day. We really worked hard to take our momentum into set two, and after winning that game we were excited to get back into the championship game and defend our state title."

Championship (Hosanna Christian High School)

  Hosanna came into the tournament as the fifth seed, and they showed they probably should've been ranked higher as they stomped no. 4 Days Creek in straight sets in the quarterfinal round and then no. 8 Joseph (who beat no. 1 North Douglas in straight sets earlier that day) also in straight sets to move on to the championship game. "As a team, we came into Saturday's championship match excited but nervous," McGrath said. "Hosanna is a really good team, and we knew we would need to bring our best performance to win."

  Griffith agreed, saying there were definitely some nerves to contend with, but the match soon began to feel like just another game. "I know personally I had a lot of nerves going into the game, but as soon as the first whistle blew, it was just another game," Griffith said. "My passion and love for the game was at an all-time high during our last game; in all honesty, I started to tear up when I went back to serve in set three at point 19, but I knew the game wasn't over yet."

  Hosanna pushed the Cougars in the first set, forcing Country Christian to win by two, which they did 28-26. After that, the Cougars were able to capitalize on that momentum, winning the second set 25-20 as they put their foot on the gas and took the third set by eight points 25-17.

  Moving forward the Cougars will go down in history as one of a few teams among any sport at any level that have won four state championships in a row.

  They will graduate seven seniors that are all able to call themselves four-time state champions: Debby Grandle, Meghan McGrath, Maddy Weyer, Sierra Ross, Anna Farner, Jasmine Griffith, and Mollie Lewandowski. And though the team was largely made up of seniors, they have quite the arsenal returning, including the hard-hitting junior Sarah Phillips and all-around utility player junior Katie Sandberg, who were instrumental parts of this year's and past state champion teams. We can expect to see big things from this Country Christian program as it continues to be led by head coach Janin McGrath and the rest of her championship team.

Junior Varsity 2017


Cara Grandle

Tricia Halverson


1 Karlie Gilmer

2 Sophia Griffith

3 Charlize Young

5 Madison Behrendt

8 Isabella Huffstetler

9 Madison Halverson

12 Kennedy Grant

14 Luisa Amaya

17 Josie Lapp

21 Jera Warrington

25 Lizzie Shelton

Junior High Volleyball 2017


Breal Straub

Rachel Klinger


Lizzy Grandle

Audra McGrath

Lilly Begley

Raegan Grant

Terese VanSmooreburg

Emma Parmelee

McKenzie Syphard

Elementary Volleyball 2017


Jana Hadden


Kyra Pemberton

Audrey Perla

Bella Ash

Emily Hadden

Ashlynn Cisco

Chase Syphard

Elizabeth Michaels

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State Finishes

2017 1A State Champions

   Won vs. Hosanna Christian 3-0

   First Team:

      Meghan McGrath, 12th Grade

      Mollie Lewandowski, 12th Grade

   Second Team:

      Jasmine Griffith, 12th Grade

   Third Team:

      Sarah Phillips, 11th Grade

      Debby Grandle, 12th Grade

2016 1A State Champions

   Won vs. North Douglas 3-1

   First Team:

      Maddy Weyer, 11th Grade

   Second Team:

      Taris Krutsch, 12th Grade

      Mollie Lewandowski, 11th Grade

      Meghan McGrath, 11th Grade

2015 1A State Champions

   Won vs. Hosanna Christian 3-0

   First Team:

      Courtney McGrath, 12th Grade

   Second Team:

      Taris Krutsch, 11th Grade

2014 1A State Champions

   Won vs. Dufur 3-1

   First Team:

      Miranda Halverson, 12th Grade

      Courtney McGrath, 11th Grade

   Second Team:

      Meghan McGrath, 9th Grade

2013 State, 5th Place Finish

   Lost vs. Dufur 1-3

2012 State, Round 1 

   Lost vs. Portland Lutheran 1-3

2011 State, Round 1 

   Lost vs. Lowell 103

2008 State, Round 1 

   Lost vs. Crane 0-3

2007 State, Round 1

   Lost vs. Crow 0-3

League Finishes

2017 Valley 10 League Champions
2016 Valley 10 League Champions
2015 Casco League Champions
2014 Casco League Champions

2017 Awards

Valley Ten District 2017 Coach of the Year

Janin McGrath

Valley Ten District 2017 Player of the Year

Meghan McGrath

Valley Ten District 2017 1st Team

Jasmine Griffith

Mollie Lewandowski

Meghan McGrath

Sarah Phillips

Valley Ten District 2017 Defense Player of the Year

Debby Grandle

Valley Ten District 2017 Defense Team

Debby Grandle

Sierra Ross

Valley Ten District 2017 2nd Team

Katie Sandberg